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Choosing a Steelhead Fly Rod

Choosing the right steelhead fly rod BEFORE making a trip out to the Pere Marquette can mean the difference between a good trip and a bad one. We have many new clients that come out to fish with us with setups that they think will work, but after a half hour they are using our equipment.

Depending on the situation and what you are comfortable with- you could go with either a conventional single handed rod, or a two handed rod- I will go over my recommendation for both.

For a single handed rod, I fish a Sage VT2 8196-4. It is a 9′ 6″ 8 weight. The extra 6″ you get over a 9′ rod really helps clients with roll casting. For my line choice, depending on the situation, I like to over line the rod (sometimes up to two line weights). Remember, you need to be able to turn over big indicator rigs and streamers.

For my reel, I go with a Ross Evolution 3.5. They withstand the wear and tear I put on reels year after year and work flawlessly years after the purchase.

For a two-handed set up, I like the Sage Z-Axis 8129-4. It is a 12′ 9″ 8 weight. Match that with a Rio Skagit 550 grain line and you are set. For my reel, I match it up with a Ross Momentum 6 (or a CLA 7)- each will work fine and both are excellent reels.

Again, having the right setup will ensure that you can actually use the set up you paid for. If you have any questions about your setup, if it will work, or what you need to change on it, feel free to give me a call, I would be happy to make sure you are set up correctly to fish the Pere Marquette River.

Better yet, call Jon at FlyMasters in Indianapolis. He owns the shop, knows what you need and will take good care of you. Here’s his number 317-570-9811.

Tell him Jed sent you.

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