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So you want to rig upfor the PM?

I often get asked, ‘How do I rig up for the Pere Marquette?’. While it is hard to address every scenario you may come across, this is a good start that will get you going.

Step 1. Start with a 2 foot length of 20 pound butt section attached to your flyline.

Step 2. Double Nail Knot down to a 3 foot section of 15 pound ( this is the line you want your indicator on)

Step 3: Attach a barrell swivel.

Step 4: Attach 12 pound mono (Maxima ultra green) or 10 pound floro ( Maxima Florocarbon) for 3 feet to the end of your barrell swivel.

Step 5: Tie on your first fly (for me it is usually an egg pattern)

Step 6: From the eye of the first fly, tie on another 3 foot of 8 pound maxima (or 10 floro) to your next fly (nymph or small streamer)

Step 7: Put your weight at the barrel swivel (only enough to get you to tickle the bottom not rattle).

There you have it! A quick and easy set up that will have you ready to go to fish the Pere Marquette River for both steelhead and salmon.

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