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Betsie River Fishing Report

The flow on the Betsie is low to normal and is super clear! While there are lots of fish in the system, we could use a little rain. Only a few fish on gravel, but the fish that are in the system are VERY aggressive.

Fish the deeper holes. It is clear, so you should be able to see them moving around down there.

My clients biggest of the day went a shade over 20lbs that took us a couple hundred yards down stream. A BLAST on a fly rod! All were caught on a white streamer that I tie up. I will post tying instructions here soon.

Give me or Chris Lessway a call if you are looking for a guide on the Betsie or Manistee River. I do not recommend too many guides, but Chris is an exception. He is a great guide- you will have a great time and he will put you on fish. Here’s his number: 248-255-2054

Back to the Pere Marquette tomorrow!

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