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A Steelhead Dream Come True

A Steelhead Dream Come True

Last week I had the pleasure of going on a guided salmon and steelhead trip on the Pere Marquette River with guide Steve Martinez. Cold temperatures and the largest snowflakes I’ve ever seen started out the day with few bites. Midway through the day, Steve started using a Hill Brand jig called the Egg Sucking Sculpin and landed a really nice salmon. Using Hill Brand’s Deer Head Sculpin, I started to mimic Steve’s technique of small, quick twitches. Immediately, I got some strikes and a small brown trout. Then, on the final bend of the river before the boat launch, I felt a big hit. There was no question that it was a huge steelhead which fought ferociously. After a long fight and some tricky boat maneuvers by Steve, we landed a rare 13-pound steelhead. Check it out:

Steve and the salmon.

Hill Brand’s Egg Sucking Sculpin landed this beast.

Fighting the giant steelhead.

Steelhead landed!

Caught on Hill Brand’s Deer Head Sculpin.

You can buy this Deer Head Sculpin by clicking here.

Big thanks to Steve for tips and techniques for swinging my innovative jigs. His knowledge of fly-fishing and the Pere Marquette River make for a great time. I can’t recommend Steve enough for a truly fantastic day. See his  blog.

Also, a special thanks to my buddy Don, aka “Don’t Drown Donny”, who came along and happened to catch five of the biggest fish of his life.

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