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Fall is the time for eggs

Pere Marquette river steelhead can be fickle creatures,some days steelhead will crush swung streamers all day long,the next day they want it stripped in really overaggressive but day in and day out egg patterns will(in my opinion) out fish any fly in the fall. The question you want to ask yourself when looking at your egg patterns is this, are there kings or cohos spawning in or around the area your fishing ? or are they feeding on dead eggs rolling downstream?, simply look around the area and you can answer that real easy. The best rule of thumb if your not sure,natural live egg colors early in the fall and pale dead egg colors in the late fall all the way till winter when nymphs start to shine as well as eggs.

Natural live egg color trout bead

from left-Dead egg,fresh egg, otter egg fresh,dead egg trout bead

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