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Steelhead fishing is as good as it gets!

marissa with her first pere marquette steelhead


with a warmer than normal fall so far steelhead fishing here on the pere  Marquette river has been good,We seem to be getting pushes of fish every few days and if you hit those day right double digit numbers on fish can be possible. last weeks hot bite came about every other day and on the in between days 3-4 hookups were expected,as soon as the water cools down a few more degrees the bite should taper off and be way more predictable as fish will move into there winter holding areas.as for flies last weeks winners were nuke eggs in cream and cheese ,hex nymphs as well as swung streamers,and depending on what section of river you were fishing the streamer color ranged from natural sculpins and leaches with little flash all the way to opposite spectrum of bright, gaudy and flashy. get out and enjoy the weather it will turn snowy soon and then the fun really begins




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