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Rabbit Hex

Rabbit strip hex


This weeks fly is a killer in the winter months here in Michigan, the rabbit strip hex is a easy to tie pattern that steelhead and brown trout love to eat ,as the fall season raps up so do the amount of salmon eggs that have been pouring down the river,the nymph stage of our giant mayfly the hexagenions limbata lives in the mud and soft bottom here on the pere Marquette river and as the steelhead and browns start to use the” streamy” water in the ice cold water these nymphs are there. give it a try you wont be dissapointed!


Hook-tmc 105 sz #6

Tail/body-light tan zonker rabbit

abdomen-dark brown or rust dubbing

legs- grouse hackle

shelback-brown swiss straw

eyes-black mono or small bead chain


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