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Winter steelhead = gorgeous


Julie with a pre snow steelhead










Pere Marquette streamer eater








Winter weather showed up a couple of days ago but the air temp isnt really all that bad. steelhead fishing on the Perte Marquette river has been good and there are still a good number of fish around. I walked in the other day for a hour or so and hooked one briefly on the swing so that made me plenty happy, the flie patters are bpretty standard, hairs ears , hex nymphs and nuke eggs or halo eggs. Streamers theat have been working for me are basicly leach type patterns tyed with a little flash and in olive or black.

We have plenty of winter dates open and are offering our off season rate of 280.00 for a full day of fishing. Drop me a e-mail or give me a call if you want to get out on the river ,there is no better way to spend a winter day!


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