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Steelhead fishing in full swing

cameron mortonson from the fiberglass manifesto


Big Pere Marquette brown

The fishing on the Pere Marquette river is in full swing,lots of fish are around right now,hopefully things will slow down a bit but I doubt it. Fishing pockets and runs behind spawning steelhead has been producing real well and with the high dirty water the fish are all but hidden.Expect to see a fair amount of drop backs as the water drops . The stained water has made fishing a challenge but not impossible,bright colored eggs are the way to go and colors like orange dot/ cream halo, pink dot white halo and fry patterns have been my top producers.Swinging streamers has still been productive,fishing the same pockets and runs around spawners.Black leach patterns with copper flash, purple leech patterns with Christmas flash and Sculpins style streamers took fish this week.

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