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Beaver Island Carp

How does Stalking in crystal clear water for giant fish in one of the nations top flats fishing destination sound?  its not the keys or Belize,Its somewhere even better and way cheaper for a destination fly fishing…..Its Beaver Island Michigan!.Located 27 miles off shore in beautiful Lake Michigan, This is where the water is so clear that you can see the exposed bed rock and rocky sholes that rise out of the deep cool water of the Great lake in over 30′ of water! This is also where you can site cast to Giant carp and smallmouth that cruise these flats in search of food and warming shallow water in the summer sun. It is not unusual to  have shot at fish that exceed 30 pounds and every year we catch numerous fish close to 40 pounds! Beaver Island is extremly familiy freindly with things to do for the kids while mom or dad search out the flats for big carp and smallmouth.Hiking, swiming, bike trails and more await you. This isnt your typical party Island where you have to worry about things getting out of hand, here kids run freely and there is never a worry about them finding trouble!. Beaver Island is a place to just get Lost in and forget about everything thats going on over on the main land.

Come try your hand at what has been published as the nations finest flats fishing destination, you wont be disappointed.